Fairhope Event Lighting is proud to carry an exceptional variety of lighting fixtures and audio equipment for rent.  Taking great pride in our gear, we are very selective with what we choose to include in our inventory.  Below is only a partial list of the lighting, audio, and visual gear we stock.  Please contact us to discuss availability.

Waterproof Lighting (indoor/outdoor)

RGBAW+UV, 18x18w, 10-60˚ Motorized Zoom, Waterproof, Silent, Par LED Light  (270W, 2.25 amps @ 120VAC) (Weight: 22 lbs)

RGBAW+UV, 24x18w, Waterproof, Silent, Par LED Light, 25˚ beam; Auto, master-slave,DMX512 signal. sound mode (300W, 2.5 amps @ 120VAC) (Weight: 18 lbs)

RGBAW+UV, 24x18w, Waterproof, Silent, LED Wash Light, 40˚ beam; dmx/sound/auto/mater-slave (220W, 1.9 amps @ 120VAC) (Weight: 18 lbs)

RGBAW+UV, 12x18w, Waterproof, Silent, Par LED Light, 25˚ beam; dmx/sound/auto (200W, 1.7 amps @ 120VAC) (Weight: 11 lbs)

RGBAW+UV, 6x18w, Waterproof, Battery, Silent, Wireless DMX,Par LED Light (One color: >10 hrs / All colors: 4 hrs)(140W) (Weight: 11 lbs)

Warm White, 54x3w, Waterproof, Silent, Par LED Light, Available in 25˚and 40˚  beam angles (200W, 1.7 amps @ 120VAC) (Weight: 15.4 lbs)

RGBW, 24x4w, Waterproof, Silent, Bar Led Light, 25˚ beams (100W, 0.9 amps @ 120VAC)

Indoor Lighting

Warm White, 300w LED, Fresnel, DMX dimming, 15˚- 50˚ manual zoom, barn door shutters, no noise fan of Pcooler (390W, 3.25 amps @ 120VAC) (18.7 lbs)

Warm White or RGBW, 200w LED, Ellipsoidal Leko, DMX color control and dimming, silent working, 15˚-65˚ manual zoom, barn door shutters; Available in RGBW and Warm White (200W, 1.7 amps @ 120VAC) (17.9 lbs)

Warm White, 200w LED, 70˚ beam with barn doors (200W, 1.7 amps @ 120VAC) (Weight: 7.6 lbs)

RGBAW+UV, 12x18w, Silent, Par LED Light, 25˚ beam; dmx/sound/auto (200W, 1.7 amps @ 120VAC) (Weight: 11 lbs)

RGBAW+UV, 4x6w,  18˚, Silent, Battery, DMX512, master/slave, auto, sound active  (One color: 6-7 hrs / All colors: 3-4 hrs)(40W, 0.4 amps @ 120VAC)                  

RGBW, 24x4w, Pixel, Bar Led Light, 35˚ beam; Auto,Sound,DMX512,Master-Slave (80w, 0.8 amps @ 120VAC)

RGBW, 24x4w, Pixel, Bar Led Light, 35˚ beam; Auto,Sound,DMX512,Master-Slave (80w, 0.8 amps @ 120VAC)

Daylight, 300w LED, ellipsoidal reflector spotlight (ERS), 19˚ beam, DMX dimming and strobe, low noise fan of Pcooler; gobo and gel holders are available (320W, 2.7 amps @ 120VAC) (Weight: 16.5 lbs)

RGBW, 3x10w, Battery, LED Light w/ cooling fan,  15˚ beam; DMX512, master/slave, auto, sound active (One color: 20 hrs)(30W, 0.25 amps @ 120VAC)         

Moving Head Lighting

RGBW Pixel LEDs, 19X15w, Zoom 4°-60°, Rotating lens; DMX512,Sound-actived,Master/slave (450W, 3.75 amps @ 120VAC) (Weight: 33 lbs)

RGBWA+UV; 36x18w LED Circle; Zoom 10˚ - 60˚; 540°/630° pan and 265° tilt movement; DMX512, master-slave and sound activated or auto; LED shutter,LED dimming,LED rainbow effect,Macros effect  (450W, 3.75 amps @ 120VAC) (Weight: 22 lbs)

260w Beam/Spot/Wash 3-in-1; bean angle  3˚-65˚; variable motorized focus; pan/tilt 540˚/265˚; 8-facet circular prisim, 6-facet linear prisim, frost filter; 7 color wheel

75W white+9x12W RGBWA+UV LED lamps; Beam angle: 11 degree spot/25 degree wash; Color wheel: 7 color+ open; Gobo wheel: 6 rotate gobos+open; 3 facet prism; pan 540 degree/ tilt 270 degree; DMX.auto, sound, master/slave (200W, 1.7 amps @ 120VAC) (Weight: 22 lbs) 

Osram 7R (8000K) 230 w LED; color wheel with 14 color chips; 12 traditional gobos+6 glass gobo; 8+16 prism w/ rainbow effect lens; DMX512,Auto Run,Sound action,Strobe,Stand Alone and Master/Slave (350W, 3.0 amps @ 120VAC) (Weight: 35.4 lbs)

RGBW; 7X12w, Zoom 8˚ - 40˚;. X axis 540˚, Y axis 190˚, Auto/Slave/DMX (95W, 0.8 amps @ 120VAC) (Weight: 10.0 lbs)

8-gel color wheel, 7-slot Gobo, 3-facet prism, 60w LED; Beams always remain on the dance floor using the  Totem Mode (98W, 1.4 amps @ 120VAC) (Weight: 12.6 lbs)

Specialty Lighting

Full color beam animation laser (red 638nm-400mW, green532nm-300mW, blue 450nm-800mW); Professional; sd card; 40kpps galvo scanning speed; scanning angle ±25°; 24ch DMX, Auto, Sound, ILDA; (100W, 0.84 amps @ 120VAC) (Weight: 13.0lbs)

400 mW Class 3B Professional Blue Single Color Animation Laser Effect Light; 32 Built in Programs Plug and Play, 9ch DMX, Auto, Sound; (26W, 0.25 amps @ 120VAC) (Weight: 4.0lbs)

Four tunnels RGBY laser (200mW red (650nm); 50mW green (532nm); 400mW blue (450nm); 200mW yellow); Sound Active, AUTO, 7 channels DMX), Master/Slave (50W, 0.42 amps @ 120VAC) (Weight: 3.8 lbs)

RGB, Star field effect, Variance free, 100° Coverage Angle (26W, 0.25 amps @ 120VAC) (Weight: 3.8 lbs)

Candle style, K9 clear crystal, 10 arm with warm white LED, 25.6" H x 35.4" W x 35.4"D; 14" chain; E12/Candelabra bulb base;  (26.5 lb)

Audio and Visual

Dual channel wireless receiver; two handheld or bodypack transmitters with lavalier or headset microphones (H9: 512.125 - 542.800 MHz) 

16-channel FM wireless receiver with dual active antennas, 510-590MHz; audio response 80HZ-18KHZ; includes bodypack transmitters

24-channel digital mixer  with 20 microphone preamps, 4-Band EQ, HPF & Dynamics per Channel, Mutitrack Recorder; Phantom Power

6, 10 or 16-channel analog mixers with microphone preamps, Phantom +48v; compressor; equalizer and balanced XLR outputs

12" or 15" powered speakers with subwoofer and high frequency drivers plus an 18" powered subwoofer with 100Hz crossover

5.75ft tall x 10ft wide, free standing, front or rear projection; high definition screens and Widescreen, high contrast, HD projectors

Ultra low noise, double outlet ground fog machine, works with water only or water/juice mixture (no dry ice), manual or DMX controlled