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How Many Uplights Do I Need For My Event?

Identifying how many Uplights are needed for a room is easy!  Using the room dimensions, simply look at the following chart for the nearest length and then the nearest width.  The chart will indicate the total Uplights needed to achieve an elegant look. ​​

As a less accurate alternative, you can use the square footage of the room.

Design aspects to consider when planning your layout:

  1. Additional Uplights may be needed to highlight columns, alcoves, fireplaces, or other architectural elements.

  2. Try to use an odd number of lights along a wall whenever possible.  For example, five (5) Uplights will look better than four (4) along a wall.

    1. If cost is of greater concern than visual impact, use fewer Uplights and space them further apart.  Again, three (3) Uplights will look better than four (4) along that same wall.

    2. This general rule of odd numbers may be ignored when a large number of lights are used on a single wall, such as the long walls in a gymnasium. Under these conditions, equal spacing should be the primary concern in order to achieve the greatest appeal.