No DJ Required!

Play Your Playlist From Your Phone!

Play your own playlist from a Bluetooth phone or tablet computer or any device that has a 3.5mm plug.  You control the music; we provide the professional quality audio system; and you save hundreds of dollars.  Three complete packages are available to meet your budget and audience size.  Both DIY rental and Full Turnkey Service options are available.

DIY:  Pickup the system in Fairhope, AL and setup the system yourself.  Refundable security deposit required at time of pickup.  Must have drivers licence and be 21 or older.


Turnkey:  We do all of the work for you. We deliver, setup, balance, breakdown  and return the system.  No security deposit is required.

50-75 people

12" powered main speakers

Shure Microphone with stand

Power and audio cables


50-125 people

15" powered main speakers

Shure Microphone with stand

Power and audio cables


50-200 people

18" powered subwoofer

12" powered main speakers

6-channel Yamaha Mixer

Shure Microphone with stand

Power and audio cables



Though there are many factors that go into creating the perfect event, lighting is the one element that universally transforms the look and feel of every wedding and reception.  Lighting dazzles, creates illusions and puts the professional polish on exceptional events. It can be romantic, fun or simply down to earth.  From illuminating wall washes to custom monograms to spectacular dance floors, Fairhope Event Lighting always takes an artful approach to creating the overall look and feel that you desire.

Uplighting Lighting

Ambient lighting provides a color washing effect that can change boring bare venue walls into exciting color palettes. Create an ambiance and atmosphere that excites your guests with a feast of visual sensations. From soft and romantic, to vibrant and lively, a lighting scheme can be created to embody your personal tastes and preferences.

Intelligent Lighting

Fairhope Event Lighting utilizes LED lighting systems which can be adjusted and programmed specifically for your event.  We have the ability to create an illuminated environment that highlights some details and obscures others.  We can control each light fixtures color, speed, intensity and brightness. As a result, your venue will be lightscaped to match your ideal mood and feel.

Café Lights

Café lights, also known as bistro lights, are a décor detail that can thoroughly transform your event.  Sometimes used to create and define an event space, these lights provide a beautiful glow that helps set the mood and keeps your reception area safe.  When used outdoors, especially in the absence of a tent, café lights create a canopy of soft, glowing lights that feels intimate and takes full advantage of the night sky.  Available in both warm white and various colors, café lights are the most cost-effective lighting technique to envelope a space. 

Audio Systems

We've got the audio equipment to make your event sound great.  Whether you need a PA system for your ceremony, sound for your video projection, playing a song list from an iPhone the ability to easily mix different audio sources, we have the equipment you need.  Our microphones are FCC approved wireless or wired and our speakers are powered, 1,000 watts with a unique pole setting that gains back the low end sounds that are typically lost from elevating the speaker off the ground.

Video Projection

Our high definition TVs and projectors allow you to view high resolution video and images from a flash drive, laptop, HD satellite receiver or other HD device.  Show slides or videos during the wedding including those cute, childhood photos.  Available in big screen TV and single or simultaneous dual screens for indoor and outdoor.

Haze and Fog

Your first dance is a magical moment, one that can be made truly unique with an effect known as “Dancing in the Clouds.”  Produced by either a water-based or dry ice fog machine, the low-lying fog gives the appearance of dancing in the clouds. 

Dance floor lighting can be more than simply ambient lighting with a few colored spots on the floor.  Add a very thin and subtle layer of atmospheric haze and the light beams actually become part of the show.  The beams become visible, are defined from fixture to floor, and have a perceived mass similar to concert lighting.

Bubbles and Snow

Both bubbles and snow return us to a childlike moment.  Bubbles are the perfect alternative to confetti or rice.  No need to ask your guests to stand outside and puff through a plastic hoop.  Our professional grade machines ensure you have a consistent, high-volume cascade.  Bubbles or snow can also be featured prominently in your photos.  What a beautiful way to celebrate!         

(Note: bubbles are not recommended for interior use on hard surface floors)

Custom Monograms

Monograms are a great way to add a personal touch to the decor of your wedding. From clean white lettering to full color projection, Fairhope Event Lighting can custom design a monogram for you or use a vector image that you provide.  While flat surfaces work best, monograms can be projected easily on any surface or desired location.

Pinspot Lighting

Pin spots are focused beams of light, projected onto tabletop focal points, such as centerpieces, wedding cakes, floral arrangements, auction items, and artwork. Pin spots highlight these elements, allowing the videographer, photographer and guests to capture the perfect snapshot of the event’s decor. Utilizing special LED bulbs and lenses, a pinspot is a narrow spotlight rather than a wide angle wash light.

Drapery Lighting

Drapery is often used to create grand entrances, cover unsightly walls, transform ceilings, fashion backdrops, and produce an overall change to the look of a room. Drapery is typically offered in white or ivory, which can give rise to a lackluster, monochromatic effect.  But when coupled with professional lighting techniques, a dramatic change occurs with the touch of a button.  The look and color of the room transforms and achieves your inspiration, your color theme, and your vision of elegance.

String Lights

String lights employ much smaller LED bulbs and are frequently used to accent or highlight an area of interest. These lights can be hung vertically, horizontally or wrapped around a tree.  String lights provide a more “fairy” like feel.  When weight is a concern, string lights are often used as a canopy similar to Café Lights. Due to the smaller bulb size, however, many more strings are needed if used to provide primary lighting. Available with white or black wiring with warm white bulbs.

Dance Floor Lighting

Enhance the overall experience and help keep people out on the dance floor with modern, computer controlled LED lighting.  Using both high-end moving head fixtures as well as dance floor washes, the dance floor ambience will appeal to your most sophisticated and discerning guests.  The lights can be set to remain constant, move with the music or set to operate under pre-programmed sequences.  Optionally, the lights can be color mixed to virtually any color imaginable or set to full white to help illuminate the dance floor during specific events such as announcements, the bouquet and garter toss or the distribution of awards.