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Special Effects


Cold Sparks

Cold spark and Geround Fog.jpg

Cold Spark machines may be used indoors and outdoors and simulate traditional fountain fireworks.  Each machine produces a non-flammable, touchable spark effect with a vertical fountain height that can be adjusted from 3 feet to 18 feet tall.

Each machine comes with one 200g bag of Granulated Titanium Alloy Grains (powder) that will last 10-15 minutes. Warm up time is approximately 8 minutes and requires 5.5 amps at 110vac.

Cold Spark Temp.png


wedding-bubbles 2.jpg
bubble machine w child.jpg

Bubbles are the perfect environmentally friendly alternative to confetti or rice.  Bubbles makes the child come out in all of us and creates an enchanting, effervescent atmosphere for any spectacular event.  But having lots of little pots of bubble juice to hand out to your guests is messy at best and can only be used outdoors.  Commercial grade bubble fluids, by comparison,  create the maximum density of brightly iridescent bubbles that fly higher and float longer. Our bubbles remain dry and will not leave behind a slippery surface nor harm sensitive electronics like phones or cameras.


Bubble Guidance: If you want bubbles to feature in your photos, you will need a large volume and consistent stream of bubbles.  Most professional grade machines will have three fans to increase coverage area, as many as 80 bubble wands, and can create bubbles up to 40 minutes without refill.

Low Lying Fog


Used extensively in theatre, low-lying fog machines create a thick cover of fog that hovers just above ground level. Unlike traditional fog machines, the white clouds generated from low-lying fog machines hugs the ground with little rise. As a result, they are capable of tweaking the ambiance in a space without infringing on guests’ visibility. Low-lying fog machines create some impressive effects. 

Ground fog.jpg


Wedding snow (png).png

Theatrical snow machines offer the look of real snow without the mess, discomfort or expense of shredded plastic bags.  This type of fake snow is made from bubbles.  Snow fluid is blown through a fabric sock to create thousands of tiny bubbles.  These bubbles clump together and float gently to the ground.  This is a very realistic effect and looks amazing.

Snow Guidance:  A noiseless snow machine does not exist.  Even the quietest of snow machines operate at levels of 61-64db.  Since this is equivalent to normal conversation, the sound can be easily masked with background music.

Vertical Fog


Vertical foggers produce high plumes of narrow, white, dense fog and replace the expensive co2 jet machines and their tanks.  Perfect for grand entrances or simply to make a statement and get maximum attention.  Professional grade machines can be mounted from many angle.  Add color to the jet and turn it into realistic flame.



Concert (cropped).png

Many effects lights rely on the presence of haze to enable the light beams to be visible.  Often, the actual points of the stage or dance floor that are illuminated by the light are not relevant – only how the beam looks travelling through the air. Striking effects can be achieved when haze is designed to lightly hang in the atmosphere. Haze in a well-hazed room is virtually undetectable under normal lighting conditions, but really pops when sharp beams cut through the ether. A poorly hazed room feels like a smoky bar with clouds of thick, opaque fog passing through like smog.


Star gobos in tent.jpg

Often, people think only of a monogram when it comes to lighted patterns, but glass lenses can be made to match your unique design.  Trees, bushes, palms, stars, lace, butterflies, and yes, the standard bride and groom first names. With glass lenses, a variety of colors are available!  From the least expensive 1-color (white letters) through full color. The special projectors that are used with the glass gobo lens can be used indoor or outdoor.

Meaghan & Joshua (supplied gobo design).jpg
Dance floor Pattern 2.png

“Jim is amazing to work with and is very knowledgeable about lighting. He met with me on multiple occasions and gave me the best possible rates for two very different venues. He is very professional and kind and I could tell he takes great care of his equipment. Fairhope Event Lighting will continue to get business from Coastal Alabama Events!"


Veronica Bishop

Coastal Alabama Events

Coordinator for VIP Tent at World Food Championships, Orange Beach, AL

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